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COVID-19 Notices

A Message from The CEO - 3 April 2020 - Staying in touch & dropping off parcels

Dear Resident / Family member

We have 2 ipads which can be used to Skype your family member. If this is something family members would like to do please contact the service on 02 6841 4100 and we can talk about how this can happen.

If your family member does not have a mobile phone we can assist. Please ring reception on 02 6841 4100 and book a time to talk with your family member and staff will escort them to reception so you can talk with them.

If you are visiting a resident in the Lodge and talking to them from their verandah or the dining room please let us know when you are coming.

If you would like to drop off a parcel to a resident please bag the item and ring reception to let us know you are coming and we will meet you at the entry to JWH during business hours. After a disinfectant process we will deliver the items to the resident.

If you want to bring in clothes please ensure they are labelled and placed in a plastic bag. We will wash the items first before delivering to the resident.

If you have any concerns or questions please talk to us and together we can work out a solution.


Kristine Saywaker
Chief Executive Officer
Orana Gardens Ltd

A Message from The CEO - 26 March 2020

Dear Resident and Family/Representative

Residential aged care facilities have been advised by the Health Department to have appropriate precautions in place to ensure residents continue to remain safe from coronavirus COVID-19. One of our precautionary measures has been to place restrictions on visitors to the home.

There are now a number of confirmed cases of coronavirus COVID-19 in Dubbo and the Central West, therefore based on this development Orana Gardens Ltd will be closed to visitors effective 5pm Thursday 26 March 2020 until further notice.

This is a purely a precautionary measure as the home does not have any cases of coronavirus at this time. An action of this nature is designed to prevent further spread and transmission of coronavirus COVID-19 from the community into the home.

We will continue to provide residents with their nursing, medical and allied health needs and we will continue to monitor each resident’s health on an ongoing basis. There will be no disruption to pharmacy or other essential services into the home. I understand this measure will be upsetting for everyone and the action has not been taken lightly, nevertheless our overriding concern is to prevent the virus entering the home.

If you have concerns about this matter please talk with senior staff members Rachel Chifamba Clinical RN or Maryanne Chatfield Clinical Care Coordinator on 6841 4100. Mrs Rebecca McDonald Facility Manager is also available to take your call. The senior staff will be happy to talk with you and answer any of your concerns. We will keep you advised of any further changes via email.

Should you require further information regarding coronavirus COVID-19 please refer to the Commonwealth Department of Health website:


Welcome to Orana Gardens

Located in the beautiful Central West, Orana Gardens offers a variety of Aged Care options, providing independent retirement living, and all levels of Residential Aged Care in Dubbo NSW.

Orana Gardens is committed to cater to the specific lifestyle and care needs of all individuals.

With over 160 staff including Clinical Nurses and 24 hour Registered Nursing Staff for Residential Care; Orana Gardens ensures a focus on every individual’s care, health, wellbeing and lifestyle.

Orana Gardens is committed to Continuous Improvement and welcomes new residents to an engaging and supportive Home.

Orana Gardens has been great and staff are diligent in their cares!

Staff have been superb! Staff are on the clock with dad’s cares and meet all his personal needs!

I want to thank the staff for providing care to our mum and dad who both resided in OG, the care was outstanding and amazing, staff always went out of their way to make their parents comfortable and cared for.

Staff also looked after the family when they passed away – a sad but amazing experience with the support and understanding of staff. OG will always hold a special place in our hearts.

The new menu is excellent as well as the quality of the food being served – compliments to the cooks and kitchen staff who work tirelessly in the kitchen.

I am  very please with the service mum receives. Mum could not be in better care anywhere else!

I am very impressed by the Home! Everyone is helpful, friendly and cooperative and this is reflected in the feeling of residents and visitors. The home is open, friendly, clean, tidy, happy and vital.

I want to thank everyone so very much for the care of my mum, it was a comfort knowing that she was in such good hands at OG. Thank you for helping us during the admission process and ensuring the family understood everything.

Thank you for your smiles and wonderful good cheer, OG has wonderful people and our family really appreciated that. A special thank you to the nurses who stayed with mum during her last night who are special caring people. We will always be grateful.

Dad shared that he is very pleased with his decision to come to OG. He also added he is thankful that we have opened our doors to his friends.

I am exceedingly pleased with the ongoing care that my father has received over the 9 years he has been at OG!

The love and care shown to mum during her time at OG was exceptional. We are eternally grateful!

Dad has settled well and the transition has been better than expected. Mum and dad are happy and satisfied with their daily routines. SO happy for mum and dad to be together!

The meal that was served for dinner yesterday, was cooked beautifully!

As dad slowly deteriorates, the special care he receives has increased to ensure his needs are met.

Providing Quality Aged Care

Accommodation and care services with dignity, value and respect.

Orana Gardens Estate has all the ingredients to make it a special place to call home and really enjoy some of the best years of your life.

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