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Wills and Bequests

A will represents an individual’s last wishes and intentions. After providing for loved ones, many people consider leaving a gift in their Will for charities close to their heart.

A gift in your Will can provide the means to make a real difference in the lives of the residents at Orana Gardens.

When you choose to leave a gift in your Will it shows who and what is most important to you. Apart from your family and close friends it might mean leaving a gift for a charity. It’s often called ‘making a charitable bequest’ and can be the most significant gift you ever give.

There are three major types of bequests: (a bequest is the legal term for including a gift in your Will)

  • A general bequest is either a sum of money or a percentage of the value of your estate.
  • A residual bequest is the remainder of your estate (or a percentage thereof) after the general and specific bequests have been made.
  • A specific bequest is a gift of a particular asset such as a house, furniture or jewellery.

You can leave any of these types of gifts in your Will to Orana Gardens Ltd for its general purposes or for a specific area or need within our aged care home.

Orana Gardens is a community based charity that has been providing aged care services to the aging population in the Central West region for thirty years. Orana Gardens strives to provide the best quality of life and support for our residents. Bequests assist us to continually provide the best facilities and experience for the residents in our Orana Gardens home.

We genuinely value and appreciate all gifts and bequests – large and small. However, there is no obligation, and naturally, any gift you decide to leave to charity should not compromise your ability to provide for those important to you.

If you would like to make further enquiries regarding a bequest to Orana Gardens, please contact Roy Soaika, our Bequest Manager, on 02 6841 4135 or roys@oranagardens.com.au.   A confidential meeting to discuss your thoughts can be arranged to answer any questions you may have about Wills, Bequests and Orana Gardens.