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Independent Living

There is currently one vacant unit available in Orana Gardens Estate.

These units are two bed-rooms and one bathroom. Orana Gardens provides and maintains the white goods in these units. They are elevated with stairs to an island and then further stairs to the door unit.

This unit is priced at $160,000 with an additional $9,260 for a garage and $3,000 for a carport if required. If the party wishes to rent the unit that option is also available.

Should anyone be interested in these vacancies please contact our Estate Manager Sue Trudgett on 6841 4155.

Orana Gardens Estate

If you’re looking for independent living, Orana Gardens Estate offers all the advantages of a quality retirement lifestyle: privacy if you choose it, security that delivers peace of mind, services that make life easier and social activities to enrich your quality of life.

As part of Orana Gardens Ltd, the Orana Gardens Estate is located on Windsor Parade, Royal Parade, Charles Crescent and Coronation Drive in East Dubbo.

The Estate is very close to the picturesque Japanese Gardens and Parklands and adjacent to Orana Mall.

Orana Gardens Estate currently provides 8 one bedroom units and 140 two bedroom units on a ‘Loan License’ basis.

As part of your residency at Orana Gardens Estate you have free of charge access to the:

  • Estate Roundhouse, Country Club and BBQ & outdoor area for personal/private functions
  • Estate library
  • Heated indoor swimming pool and spa

Your unit key will not only fit all your doors, but the front door of the Roundhouse and the swimming pool in the Country Club.

In the Orana Gardens Estate community your lifestyle can be tailored to your individual needs. You’ll find the perfect blend of security and freedom that can be adjusted whenever required. The units are secure and medical emergency systems are installed on request by the organisation. The resident pay the monthly monitoring fee.

Our team of staff will willingly offer assistance when required, but will respect your need for privacy and independence.

Orana Gardens Estate has all the ingredients to make it a special place to call home and really enjoy some of the best years of your life. Think of us as an extended community. No longer will you need to worry about your home’s security when you go away, be it for a weekend or around Australia. Being able to lock up and leave your home, knowing that your friends, neighbours and the Estate team are keeping an eye on things is just one advantage of Estate living.

Orana Gardens Estate

Across Windsor Parade, Royal Parade,
Charles Crescent and Coronation Drive
Dubbo NSW 2830

Phone: (02) 6841 4155

Independent living facilities