Our current local policy is two (2) visitors over the age of 12 years old, fully vaccinated to an outside area, any deviation to this must have formal approval from the Facility Manager or CEO. All Visitors will be screened and Rapid Antigen Test (screening questions). If any COVID related symptoms, you will not be permitted to enter the facility, Social distancing of 1.5metres must be adhered to and surgical masks must be worn correctly at all times for all visitors over 12 years of age. All visits are to be outdoors, not in a communal area. A number of breeches have occurred to this policy and I have asked staff to be extra vigilant.

We have had a staff member test positive over the past few months, this has increased our level of response. All staff are now required to be in PPE (P2/N95 Mask and face shield or googles) when in the facility. We will continue to conduct Rapid Antigen Tests, for all staff every shift. As the COVID transmissions continue across our community, we need to keep our residents safe. Staffing is very difficult due to community contacts, please rest assured we are doing our best to ensure our residents are getting the care they require.   As stated prior, if you are unable to enter the facility, we have a number of options to conduct window visits or our outside area, keeping socially distanced and a non-contact policy.

Until we have clearer advice from NSW Health we will have to continue to remain flexible with our rules around entry to the facility, with plans to relax these in time. Our longer-term strategy is to hopefully be back to a semi normal approach by April 2022.

To keep abreast of any updates, NSW Health COVID Website: